Real Life Connection Assignment (2017-2018)

Real Life Connection Assignment - Thamer International Schools

Dear Parents,

T. I. S. welcomes you on our journey of successfully completing this academic year. Throughout the learning process, our students are not just academically prepared but efficiently trained for a bright future. In order to assure that our generation next is well equipped for their future endeavors, by putting our hands together, we can earnestly strive to mold our children.

Hence the school has initiated a prolific project based learning called, ‘Real Life Connection’ which will interlink academics to practical experiences. This will not only inspire students to obtain an in-depth knowledge of the school subjects but will also support them in retaining it throughout their experiences of life. In addition, students will develop confidence and self-direction as they integrate academics with practicality - in the process gaining valuable insights into real life applications taught in the classrooms.

Moreover, in cooperating real-life connections into a lesson will increase engagement in the learning process as students will be taken out of the conventional styles of learning and into the contemporary learning style.

Every week, from Grades 1 to 12, T. I. S. will designate a Real Life Connection assignment in the weekly agenda to eventually witness our students as critical thinkers, active problem solvers, inquisitive readers, diligent researchers and prolific writers. These assignments will have higher order of thinking and knowledge based on Depth of knowledge levels DOK 3 or DOK 4.

What is DOK/ Depth of knowledge?

It is how deeply a student needs to understand the content for a given response and a tool to ensure that teachers are teaching to a level that will promote student achievement.

Level 1: Recall of a fact or information

Level 2: Basic application of skill/concept: use of information or conceptual knowledge

Level 3: Strategic Thinking: requires reasoning or developing a plan

Level 4: Extended Thinking: requires an investigation, time to think and process multiple conditions of the problem or task.

To sum it up, Education is not just a process but an experience to think intensively and critically.



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