POINTS TO PONDER, Mount. Everest

Mount. Everest - Thamer International Schools

By Joy Khoury (8-G)

As I walked through the covers of mist and fog,

That hide the mountains under.

Unlike a mother’s warm hug

It brings fright and wonder.


It was cold and gray

But for some reason, there was a flower

Sitting there in dismay,

Waiting for a dry season, to regain its power.


It will never come.

I answered stupidly.

As if the tiny flower would rise from

To reply to me sadly.


Ice, rain, wind and snow

Settle on my face as they descend

While my feet are concealed in the depth below

As if it wants to pull me to my end.


I finally stop with care

As I see the world below me.

Like tiny ants they were

Not knowing where to be.


It was worth the walk up here

That left me complaining all the way.

Tired me and left me with fear

But its peak is where I wanted to stay.


I stood there, my eyes dropping a tear

How come they haven’t seen

Such a beautiful world up here

Where hatred and stealth can’t seek.


Source Link: January Newsletter (2018-2019)

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