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By Saif Hatim (8-E)

Located in the south tip of Florida, Miami thrives as one of the largest and most popular vacation spot which attracts millions of visitors that add to the city’s population.

To begin with, Miami has its own unique barrier islands that are a major attraction along with their historical hotels and beaches. Little Havana is the heart of history of the country, because of the Cuban invasion in 1960 that changed the entire look of the place to a much more beautiful city. Although it is popular for its Doral golf fields, it has been somehow repurposed as a land for artists and designers that have turned it even more attractive, with art museums and a place for cultural activities.

Moreover, it is also known for its shopping as it’s said to be a little shopping heaven. It houses the Surfside Mall that is an entire paradise for all purposes since it is located near the historical museum and the beach. The city houses the Everglades Forest that has a lot of safari trips and has been entirely untouched. As a result, it vouches for many activities away from urban life.

Miami is an exceptional place on earth that has learned to keep the balance of history and modern entertainment. People may be sometimes tired of the massive city but it is always worth it to keep looking for new opportunities.

Source Link: January Newsletter (2018-2019)

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