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By Mohhammed Banaa (7-B)

Once upon a time, there was a city called Heifhoem. It was a serene and flourishing city. The only egregious thing about it was The Beast. The Beast was a monstrous hybrid made up of various apex predators. He had the front legs of a cheetah so he could run unmatched, the mouth of the tiger, and the hind legs of the gazelle. He persistently attacked Heifhoem; therefore, the king of this magnificent city, King Roberto, decided to battle the Beast himself.

He went into his lair, the fortress, only to find an enormous door blocking his path. "What is the password?" asked the enchanted door. King Roberto thought for a while; he did not know whether to choose BEAST or STRENGTH. He was stuck dealing with an internal struggle until he finally picked BEAST and the gates opened. The fortress was so unbelievably gigantic that King Roberto had to use a ladder to climb a tree so that he could see the Beast. He dropped on to him from the tree and with a swipe of his sword the beast was no more.

The King returned home as a hero to all. From then on, he was called one of history's greatest legends. Monstrosities, beware of King Roberto.


Source Link: November Newsletter (2018-2019)

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