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Guide to Studying - Thamer International Schools

By Sama Ahmed (7-G),

General basics:

• Studying early

Studying early would be a good idea as you wouldn’t be putting the burden and pressure on yourself. This way, you would only have to study bit by bit each day which would avoid the stress of last-minute cramming!

• When to study?

The best time to study is always in the afternoon and never late night when your mind gets drowsy and can’t focus properly.

• How to avoid panicking?

Panic, a word continuously done without knowing how to eliminate it. One way is to take breaks which helps when you are frustrated and stressed out since studying for too long can deteriorate your performance. Taking short walks also relieves and calms you down. Short deep breathing exercises, soothing and refreshing scents, and tranquil music also helps.

How to study:

• Best way to study when studying early, it is best and most preferable to study 4 days maximum before the test itself. It is also good to work out your plan and format:

1. Day 1: This is easy because all you have to do is read the required pages thoroughly twice and grasp bits of information.

2. Day 2: Now solve some questions from the related lessons. See how many you get right, and these should be based on the information you clung on to while reading.

3. Day 3: For now, read the required pages again and gradually jot down only important information which you don’t know so you can refer to and review later on, if needed.

4. Day 4: This is the day before the exam and here you should solve the necessary worksheet as a simulated exam.

After this you should be prepared for the exam! Tips & tricks:

Study in an organized place.

• Bring all your necessities by you to avoid procrastination.

Make notes & don’t over study.

Have well fueled foods for energy boosts and drink water.

 Source Link: April Newsletter (2018-2019)

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