Davy Crockett Saves the World

Davy Crocket Saves the World - Thamer International Schools

By Retaj Aadil (5-H),

Hello It's Me Retaj. Let's Start about, "DAVY CROCKETT SAVES THE WORLD."

- First, the folks always crow about the deeds of Davy Crockett.

- Next, the world was in a heap of trouble.

-Second, they saw up the sky away past through the clouds and outer space.

-Then, the scientists had discovered a big ball of fire & ice flew above the folks.

-After that, the president of the united states of sent letters telling him to stop Halley's comet before it crashes down on the earth.

-Next, the president had an idea: to let the Brave Man” Davy Crockett save the world,” defeat Halley’s comet.

-Since that time, Halley’s comet began to come closer and closer to the earth.

-Then, Sally Sugartree was reading the newsletter about the Halley’s comet.

-Suddenly, she commenced herself to look for him.

-When she saw Davy Crockett, she waved her hands up in the air as Davy Crockett passed by the forest.

-After saving Sally Sugartree, she told Davy Crockett that the world needs you.

-And these are the steps of how Davy Crockett saved the world.

Source Link: April Newsletter (2018-2019)

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