• A Big Day Out - Thamer International Schools

    By Lower Primary School,

    Watching children walking their mothers around their school playground and enjoying doing many fun activities, brings joy to the L. P. S. staff’s hearts.

    “A Big Day Out” gave children the chance to play and to do lots of art and craft activities. The amazing Magical Show was a mesmerizing way to end this wonderful day!

    Source Link: April Newsletter (2018-2019)

  • A Felicitation for the Achievers - Thamer International Schools

    Students achieved the TOP IN THE WORLD awards

    Dear Parents,

    It is with great pride that we announce to you today yet another Thamer International School achievement. T.I.S, the Community of Leaders and Learners, would like to congratulate you all, our partners in the educational journey.

    We also extend our gratitude to our outstanding teachers, dedicated coordinators and all T.I.S staff members. Two T.I.S. Students have achieved the TOP IN THE WORLD award, one T.I.S. student TOP IN KSA award, three T.I.S students TOP IN JEDDAH award. Moreover, Thamer International School has scored the first, second and third places for getting the best three scores for A-level subjects  as well second and third places for getting the best scores for four AS subjects as indicated in the table below received from the British Council.

  • A Snowflake Story - Thamer International Schools

    By Lower Primary School,

    Our wonderful preschool students participated in a school skit, “A Snowflake Story”.They enjoyed the challenge and enthusiasm of putting on the play and worked hard to make itsuccessful.

    It was a memorable event and we were truly proud to watch our little childrenwho are just three years old confidently perform in front of mothers and guests.

    Source Link: April Newsletter (2018-2019)

  • April Riddles - Thamer International Schools

    By Wajiha Siddiqi (12-E),

    1. I never answer questions, but I am always answered. What am I?/ Doorbell

    2. You can break me easily without touching me or seeing me. What am I? / Promise

    3. What goes up and never comes back down? / Age

    4. The more there is the less you see. What am I? / Darkness

  • Cambridge Honors Top Students - Thamer International Schools

    Cambridge congratulated the top students at Thamer International School and praised the efforts of the school, especially its ICT and IGCSE Coordinator Salma Kadri for the outstanding results.

  • Certified SAT Examination Center Starting May, 2017 - Thamer International Schools

    Dear Parents,

    Thamer International School proudly announces that it became officially a certified SAT examination center starting May, 2017. Our SAT students can now avail this opportunity of appearing for the exams in their own comfort zone, the school premises.

  • Davy Crocket Saves the World - Thamer International Schools

    By Retaj Aadil (5-H),

    Hello It's Me Retaj. Let's Start about, "DAVY CROCKETT SAVES THE WORLD."

    - First, the folks always crow about the deeds of Davy Crockett.

    - Next, the world was in a heap of trouble.

    -Second, they saw up the sky away past through the clouds and outer space.

  • BWell Gym 2019 - Thamer International Schools

    Dear Parents,

    Join us for swimming, football, karate and the best sporting games at BWell Gym under Thamer International Schools’ supervision and professional trainers.The last day for registration is Sunday, November 17, 2019 to enjoy and have fun.

  • Family Beach Trip - Thamer International Schools

    By Dima Farhan (5-I),

    On a beautiful sunny morning in Malaysia, my family and I decided to enjoy the day at the beach. I could already imagine the bright sky, golden sun and cool breeze flying past us. There is nothing more fun than going on a family trip!

    In the beginning, we drove to the beach as I tossed and turned excitedly and impatiently to arrive. I looked out from the window at the beautiful country and all its colour. It was taking years to reach, and I could not wait anymore! As we arrived, I rushed out of the car and jumped all around.

  • Guide to Studying - Thamer International Schools

    By Sama Ahmed (7-G),

    General basics:

    • Studying early

    Studying early would be a good idea as you wouldn’t be putting the burden and pressure on yourself. This way, you would only have to study bit by bit each day which would avoid the stress of last-minute cramming!

  • Hour of Code - Thamer International Schools

    By Middle School Girls,

    “Hour of Code” is a global eventthat is taking place in the world of Programming. T. I. S. UPS students had the chance to be part of this event and did some coding tasks that help raise their awareness and engage them more with coding and programming in the ICT sessions during the last two weeks of December.

    Students who finished the 12 levels of the assigned task "Minecraft, Hero's Journey" were given certificates.

    Source Link: April Newsletter (2018-2019)

  • Induction Day Invitation - Thamer International Schools

    Dear Parents,

    Thamer International School cordially invites you to attend the Induction Day at Princess Jawaher Auditorium in the school premises on the dates / time as per the below mentioned schedule:

    You will be given a brief academic synopsis of all the major subjects.  You will also be updated about the new programs that the school will be implementing during this academic year. Your presence is of utmost importance because as a team we can ensure the smooth functioning of the school. 

    We look forward to seeing you.         



  • Jokes - Thamer International Schools

    By Angelo Jerome Reynante (10-D),

    1. What do you call a fish with no eyes? - A fsh.

    2. Do you know what’s not right?- Left.

    3. What does a pirate say while eating sushi? - Ahoy! Pass me some soy!

    4. You want to hear a joke about pizza?- Never mind, it was too cheesy.

  • Learners from Thamer International School achieve top results in Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards

    Students of Thamer International School have received prestigious awards from Cambridge International Examinations to acknowledge their outstanding performance in the May/June, 2016, Cambridge examination series.

    His Royal Highness Prince Faisal Bin Thamer Bin Abdulaziz, the chairperson of Thamer International School, appreciates the efforts of the Academic Director, the faculty and the students. His Highness also extends his heartiest congratulations to them all.

  • Let’s Celebrate Winter - Thamer International Schools

    By Lower Primary School,

    Children came to school dressed in winter clothes and enjoyed doing some winter-related activities to learn about the characteristics of this season.

    Source Link: April Newsletter (2018-2019)