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SPOTTED AND REPORTED, Hour of Code - Thamer International Schools

By Fatima Hossam (8-I),

On Wednesday, 6th of March, the Annual Science Fair was held in our school, and we certainly learnt new and interesting facts that we never knew we could experience learning.

The students from middle and high school were divided into groups, and each chose a different topic to demonstrate by doing live and practical experiments. Furthermore, they competed and presented their results in the form of a report, display board, and/or models that they had created.

Hour of Code - Thamer International Schools

By Middle School Girls,

“Hour of Code” is a global event that is taking place in the world of Programming. T. I. S. UPS students had the chance to be part of this event and did some coding tasks that help raise their awareness and engage them more with coding and programming in the ICT sessions during the last two weeks of December.

Students who finished the 12 levels of the assigned task "Minecraft, Hero's Journey" were given certificates.

Source Link: April Newsletter (2018-2019)

A Snowflake Story - Thamer International Schools

By Lower Primary School,

Our wonderful preschool students participated in a school skit, “A Snowflake Story”. They enjoyed the challenge and enthusiasm of putting on the play and worked hard to make itsuccessful.

It was a memorable event and we were truly proud to watch our little children who are just three years old confidently perform in front of mothers and guests.

Source Link: April Newsletter (2018-2019)