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April Riddles - Thamer International Schools

By Wajiha Siddiqi (12-E),

1. I never answer questions, but I am always answered. What am I? / Doorbell

2. You can break me easily without touching me or seeing me. What am I? / Promise

3. What goes up and never comes back down? / Age

4. The more there is the less you see. What am I? / Darkness

Family Beach Trip - Thamer International Schools

By Dima Farhan (5-I),

On a beautiful sunny morning in Malaysia, my family and I decided to enjoy the day at the beach. I could already imagine the bright sky, golden sun and cool breeze flying past us. There is nothing more fun than going on a family trip!

In the beginning, we drove to the beach as I tossed and turned excitedly and impatiently to arrive. I looked out from the window at the beautiful country and all its colour. It was taking years to reach, and I could not wait anymore! As we arrived, I rushed out of the car and jumped all around.

Jokes - Thamer International Schools

By Angelo Jerome Reynante (10-D),

1. What do you call a fish with no eyes? - A fsh.

2. Do you know what’s not right? - Left.

3. What does a pirate say while eating sushi? - Ahoy! Pass me some soy!

4. You want to hear a joke about pizza? - Never mind, it was too cheesy.