Terms of Payment:

Please note that fees of each academic year are payable in three installments. Students are not permitted to join classes at the beginning of a term unless arrangements for full payment of fees have been completed within the deadlines stated below:

1. First installment: Placement fees for both returning students & newly registered onesSample image

                                  - For Current students from February 8, 2018

                                  - For New students from March 8, 2018 onward

(To be deducted from the annual fees but not entitled to any of the school’s discount policy).

2. Second installment: All The First Term Tuition Fees November 2, 2018

3. Third installment: All The Second Term Tuition Fees January 17, 2019

All the above fees are non refundable.

All the annual fees must be paid in any case (even if the student decides to leave the school at any time during the academic year for any reason).

IGCSE & GCE A Level students must pay term II fees by Thursday, December 13, 2018 before registering for the CIE exams.


If a student doesn't report to school during the first 45 days of each term without informing the administration, the school has the right to cancel his registration without any refund.

  • No refunds can be made to students who withdraw from school for any reason and the whole annual fees must be fully paid before withdrawing the students' files and report cards.
  • Tuition Fees can not be transferred from a student’s account to another for any reason even among the family members.

  • Purchased books are neither refundable nor exchangeable.

Re-enrollment Rules:

  • Only students with a zero balance will be entitled to the discount policy mentioned in the school manual.

  • Only students with a zero balance will be allowed to re-enroll for the next academic year.

  • Any student who leaves the school and wants to come back will be considered as a new student.